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With a focus on developing a customized solution to each and every scenario, Actum Advisory work with property developers, established businesses, and high-growth companies to create and source the ideal capital solution for their project growth cycle.

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James Kouzinas | Director, Brand Strategist, Designer, UI/UX

Bec Jones | Brand Strategist

Jatin Sethi | Development

Talia Camilleri | Designer, UI/UX







Like a classic entrepreneur, Tom is involved in several companies outside of Actum Advisory, and understanding his role in these companies was critical to this project, as he didn’t want to cause confusion in his messaging.


We worked closely with him to understand his universe and ensure we delivered digital assets that spoke to the value he brings his customers.

Strategy and Brand Positioning

Tom already had a website, however; he was looking to reimagine his online presence and better articulate what he offers his customers.

Modern Approach

In a sea of more established and sometimes ‘rigid’ players, we wanted to showcase Actum’s modern approach to the way he does business.


Tom’s core values were centered around professionalism, attention to detail, honesty, and integrity. It was crucial articulating these points through the messaging and design because the financial industry, as a whole, suffered, throughout 2019/20 due to some ‘bad actors’.


Ultimately, we were eager to show how Actum was different.

Voice and Platforms

Professional | Articulate | Intelligent | Wise

Brand Archetype

The Sage archetype was a natural fit for Actum and speaks true to how Tom, Actum’s Founder, works with his clients. The attributes listed below also helped shape our messaging.






The financial world is often filled with jargon and noise…we wanted to change that.


Design starts with inspiration and to ensure we made something different, we looked outside of the category.

Modern Approach

To convey Actum’s modern approach to how they work with clients, we opted for a minimalist style that used negative space, and Actum’s signature colours of ocean blue and white.


This visual also allowed us to position Actum as youthful and innovative.

Deep Expertise

To ensure we showcased Actum’s deep expertise, we clearly organized the company’s core service offerings and made them easy to find from the home page.


Through a custom-built portfolio slider that contained information on Actum’s transactions, we were able to further showcase the expertise and build credibility.

Colour and Imagery

We worked to Tom’s preferred colour palette and together, chose imagery that best represents the company’s experience and creativity.


Information overload happens often in the finance industry and when this is visually displayed, it makes for a poor user experience.

The challenge is, the information is sometimes very relevant to showcasing the group’s expertise and knowledge.


Actum has a deep skill-set in Private Funding and their transactions occur on a variety of assets, so to bring this information to their website in a way that stayed consistent with the ‘less is more’ style, we built a custom slider for the home page, which leverages multiple transactions across three of Actum’s main services.


Furthermore, we leveraged flip boxes, thus giving the user the option to look at the information at their request.


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