Social Media Content Creation Package

Social Media Marketing Content Creation.

We understand the growing demand of digital marketing content means businesses at all tiers need to increase the amount and variety of content they promote on social media. 

Included in the package:

  • Discovery meeting – in person or virtual (google meet).
  • Over 1 months worth of content – 30 content posts designed with your brand identity.
  • Hashtags curation relating to each post.
  • Review of current Social Media accounts.
  • Free Social Media tools, plus other free resources.

More information below.


Social Media Marketing has become a necessity for businesses! The high stress levels and pressures due to the amount of time and effort required to provide valuable and consistently branded content is common for business owners.

Our goal is to remove your stress, allow you to work on your business not in it and provide value to your customers. We also want to give you the power to master Social Media, providing you with FREE tools and resources to take control and better manage your Social Media Marketing.

How does it work?
  • We get to know your business and marketing requirements.
    • We arrange a meeting, in person or virtually to uncover your current process and requirements.
    • A review of your Social Media accounts is completed.
  • Working with you we help plan out your content requirements and schedule. 
  • Our team created over 1 months worth of content – 30 content posts designed with your brand identity.  
  • Hashtags are researched and curated, relating to each post type. 

Now you are ready to start scheduling your content.

Included in the package is helpful FREE tools and software to help you:
  • Plan your content posts.
  • Schedule your posts.
  • The best Apps to help you.
  • Blogs & Tutorials