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Rydon Capital are specialists in the structuring and placement of debt capital facilities for growth or transitional businesses.

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James Kouzinas | Director, Designer, UI/UX







Tom was looking for a modern, clean, and professional landing page to represent Rydon Capital.


The discovery process unearthed several key points.

Future Build

Rydon plan to build a comprehensive website in the near future, as such, they wanted the landing page structured in a way that easily allows for new content to be added.


The competition brands seemed very traditional and their websites didn't look modern. Rydon wanted to avoid this style of branding.


The websites main purpose is to build brand presence, credibility and showcase research from Rydon Capital.

Strategy and Brand Positioning

We focused on showcasing Rydon in an innovative and fresh light,


A professional group that clearly articulates what it does for its customers.


A modern company whose principals bring marketing and technology to transactions, along with traditional finance experience.


We took inspiration from modern consulting firms like Bain Consulting. 

Abstract Visuals

Abstract real estate make up the core imagery for Rydon's website.

Negative Space

Use of negative space which compliments the abstract imagery. This also gives the landing page a modern and professional feel.

Designed For The Future

Rydon will add more content in the coming months, as such, we designed a landing page that can easily be expanded into a full website.

Colour and Imagery

Closely aligned to Rydon’s color scheme, we opted for abstract building imagery with a blue palette. 

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Specialists in the structuring and placement of debt capital facilities for growth or transitional businesses.


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