How to Add a New Page in WordPress


How to add a new page in WordPress We will show you how to create a new page in WordPress. We use Elementor as our preferred web builder, this allows us to have more control when editing pages. Adding a new page Looking at your WordPress dashboard you will see Pages in the left hand […]

How to Use the Text Editor Widget in Elementor

Elementor_Text_Editor_Widget Editing content with the Text Editor Widget in Elementor The Text Editor Widget in Elementor widget is used to place, edit, and style body text on your WordPress websites.  Utilising the right styling, your Body text website text will draw your visitors’ attention, and encourage them to read on, and engage with your site. […]

How to add Products in WooCommerce

how_to_add_products_in_woocommerce_tutorial Adding and Managing Products in Woocommerce Before we start to add Products in WooCommerce. It is best to understand how product categories, tags, and attributes function. What are Product Categories? Similar to writing a Post in WordPress, product categories and tags work in much the same way. They can be created, edited, and selected at any […]

How to Use the Social Icons Widget

Elementor Social Icon Widget Tutorial Adding Social Icons with Elementor. Social media platforms have become a major hub for businesses and brands to update and communicate with their audiences. Social icons are an effective and straightforward way for websites to direct traffic to their social accounts. Adding the Social Icons Widget In the Elementor Editor, you can drag the […]

How to Use the Elementor Image Widget

Elementor_Image_Widget_Genesis_Marketing_consultants Adding images with Elementor Image Widget. Adding an Image In the Elementor Editor, you can drag the Image widget from the panel on the left of the canvas area. Click the image picker to select your image.  Editing the Image Selecting the Style tab allows you to set the border radius, custom size, opacity […]